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Re:mixed, re:used and re:produced

– Entrepreneurial systems in the 21st century

Datum: 13 april 2015

Föreläsare: Professor Saara Taalas, Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö

Om föreläsningen: The study of entrepreneurship continues, surprisingly persistently, to focus largely on individual capability for creativity and innovation. Simultaneously, reuses, networked circulations of materials, and remixes are significant areas of innovation and value creation in contemporary markets. Professor Saara Taalas is interested in popular culture fandom and brand communities, grey market exchange systems of favors in planned economy, and reuses of industrial production sites for new production. These are all examples that could question the boundaries of our understanding of entrepreneurship, she argues.

During this lecture, Taalas will be looking at entrepreneurship in its systemic forms, in the context of everyday living: entrepreneuring in networks of active audiences, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing activities, and reuses of industrial production settings. She draws on practical examples from film production to opera making, from Google server farm to IKEA candle holder. Ties of trust and opportunities, rather than individuals, are key characters of this realm of entrepreneurship.

Saara Taalas will take you on an alternative journey to entrepreneurial systems from the Dabawalla lunch deliveries in Mumbai, via Wreck-a-movie film production network of science fiction fans, to Slush, the biggest start-up event in the Nordic countries.

Observera att föreläsningen kommer att genomföras på engelska!
Please note that this lecture will be in English!

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