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From Inspiration to Implementation

- How to bring your ideas to life

Datum: 7 september 2015

Föreläsare: Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford University, USA

Om föreläsningen: There is an insatiable demand for innovation and entrepreneurship to help individuals and companies thrive in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. However, there hasn't been a well-charted course from rough ideas to polished ventures. In this talk, Tina Seelig describes a new model, the Invention Cycle, which illustrates how imagination leads to entrepreneurship. The framework captures attitudes and actions that are necessary to foster innovation, and bring breakthrough ideas to the world.

You will learn:
• Crisp definitions for imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship
• Clear roadmap for progressing from the seed of an idea through implementation
• Concrete attitudes and actions needed to bring ideas to fruition

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