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Being Entrepreneurial:

Practices to develop your entrepreneurial mindset

Datum: 2 december 2016

Föreläsare: Professor Candida Brush, Babson College, USA

Om föreläsningen: Entrepreneurship is a popular topic in the media, among policy-makers and in society. Countless programs, college courses and bootcamps are teaching business models, lean start-up, and other important topics that facilitate new venture creation. But starting a venture is only one aspect of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial principles can be applied to a variety of contexts, corporate settings, social ventures, small businesses, and others.

Rather it is "being" entrepreneurial, and applying the entrepreneurial mindset, that makes the difference. What does it mean to "be" entrepreneurial? How can you develop an entrepreneurial mindset? This session will help you to understand the differences between a managerial and an entrepreneurial approach, and develop action steps that you can practice to be more entrepreneurial.

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