Co-create new futures in uncertain times

Datum: 10 juni 2020

Föreläsare: Professor Saras Sarasvathy, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, USA, and associate professor Henrik Berglund, Chalmers (commentator)

Om föreläsningen: Welcome to an open Estrad:webinar with Saras Sarasvathy, one of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurship researchers. She will share her thoughts on how effectuation can be a way to tackle these uncertain times.

The global pandemic and the economic fallout from it have brought attention to uncertainty in unprecedented ways. In particular, we all need to understand that the future is unpredictable in fundamental ways. Tools that normally help us better predict the future are no longer enough.

Lessons from expert entrepreneurs become particularly useful under these circumstances. Entrepreneurs who have built large and enduring ventures learn to make decisions and take actions under uncertainty without relying on predictive tools. Instead they co-create new futures with few resources and small groups of stakeholders who self-select into their ventures. This way of thinking and acting is called effectuation.

Our main speaker, professor Saras Sarasvathy, has been researching and teaching effectual thinking and action for over two decades. During the webinar, she and Henrik Berglund will discuss:

• Three types of uncertainty
• Four logics of action in response to the three types of uncertainty
• How to co-create new futures without relying on predictions

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