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Proposal for cooperation on innovation policy 2005-2010

Bjarne Lindström, Director of Statistics and Research Åland

Om forskarseminariet
At the end of 2003, the Nordic Ministerial Council for Trade and Industry Policy decided to review the Nordic collaboration programme within the trade and industry sector. Bjarne Lindström, with support of a cross-national Nordic reference group, was commissioned to put together a proposed programme for cooperation on innovation policy within the sector up to 2010. The report will be presented to the Ministers of Education and at the conference "The Nordic Region as a frontrunner in Research and Innovation" in Reykjavik on June 9 and 10 and we are very pleased to offer you a presentation of the report with Bjarne Lindström in Stockholm on June 15. The report (in Swedish) and an English summary will be available for distribution to the participants before the seminar.

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