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Diane Sonnenwald

Namn: Diane Sonnenwald

Titel/tjänst: Emerita Professor and Chair

Universitet/högskola/organisation: University College Dublin

Institution/avdelning: School of Informaton and Communication Studies

E-postadress: diane.sonnenwald[at]


Aktuella projekt:
  1. Working to Make Knowledge-Work Work in the Digital Workplace: A COST Network (proposal under review).

    This network addresses the following challenges:
    1.The very essence of work: how is knowledge work done? How do we do that work while being both constrained and facilitated by information and communication technologies (ICT) within a complex social world?
    2. Changing knowledge work habits: how do we exploit new ways of working that involve social networking, job sharing, team collaboration, distributed workgroups, etc. in a digital world?
    3. Fluid digital environments: how do we ensure that the technologies applied are transformational, value-added, and useful to those new ways of working, e.g., seamlessly integrating social networking, mobile and collaboration technologies into the mainstream work?
    4.Generational differences: how do we engage Generation C, commonly referred to as the “business consumer?” How do we harness the “consumer-learned digital literacy” that these workers bring?
    5.Sustainable workplaces: how do we maintain a digital workplace that affords knowledge sharing, commitment and social relationships that organizational functions require in order to manage problems and unexpected situations?
  2. Challenges to the adoption and use of mobile technology in police work.

    The aim of this research project is to investigate factors that may influence the adoption and use of advanced future mobile technology in policing across Europe. Identification of factors that impact technology adoption and use can inform both the design and deployment of future mobile technology before large investments are made in the technology and its deployment.
  3. Evaluating Remote Collaborative Knowledge Work.

    The goal of this project is to increase our understanding of formal and informal evaluation processes used for remote collaborative knowledge work.
  4. Information Behavior and Workplace Bullying in the Digital Workplace.

    Workplace bullying causes stress-related diseases and health complications such as strokes and heart attacks, colitis, and chronic fatigue syndrome in victims (Tehrani, 2012). Human information behavior plays a key role in workplace bullying. the goal of this project is to illuminate workplace bullying human information behavior practices in digital workplaces, and identify best practices to reduce digital workplace bullying behavior.
  5. Visioning new e-book technology for human-rare book interaction: Supporting tourism and cultural understanding.

    Rare historic books are national and international treasures that provide unique insights into everyday life, art, literature, cultures as well as technology and design across time and geographic locations. They are also tourist attractions, e.g., the Book of Kells is consistently the fifth most popular fee-paying attraction in Ireland with over 500,000 visitors per year according to Fáilte Ireland, Ireland’s National Tourism Development Authority. The goal of this project is to increase our understanding of human-rare book interaction in order to develop motivation and, ultimately, design requirements for the development of a system which supports the creation of physical-virtual renderings of rare books that provide integrated haptic, audio, olfactory, visual and cognitive human-rare book interaction for the general population.
Tidigare projekt:
  1. Investigating the potential of 3D telepresence technology in emergency healthcare.
  2. Scientific collaboration across distances, organizations and disciplines.
  3. Design and validation of a collaborative scientific instrument.
  4. Collaboration in emergency situations: Command and control.
  5. Information horizons: A visual methodology for discovering information practices.
Publicerat, tidskrifter/konferensbidrag:
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  • (2014) Sonnenwald, Söderholm, Welch, Cairns, Manning, Fuchs: Illuminating collaboration in emergency health care situations. Information Research, 19(2) paper 618. Available at:
Publicerat, böcker/rapporter:
  • (2016) Sonnenwald: "Exploring theory development: Learning from diverse masters." In D. H. Sonnenwald (Ed.) (2016). Theory Development in the Information Sciences. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.
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  • (2006) Sonnenwald: "Collaborative virtual environments for scientific collaboration: Technical and organizational design frameworks." In R. Schroeder & A. Axelsson (Eds.), Avatars at Work and Play (pp.63-96). NY: Springer-Verlag.
  • (2003) Sonnenwald: "Managing cognitive and affective trust in the conceptual R&D organization." In M. Iivonen and M. Huotari (Eds.), Trust in Knowledge Management and Systems in Organizations (pp. 82-106). Hershey, PA: Idea Publishing.

(1993) Collaboration in Design, Rutgers University. 

collaboration. knowledge work. trust. information sharing. systems design. socio-technical design.

Övriga meriter och information:
Resides in the Gothenburg area. Previously worked at Högskolan i Borås, University of North Carolina, Bell Communications Research.
President, Association for Information Science & Technology, 2011-2012.
Recipient of the following awards: Bell Communications Research Award of Excellence, Tribute to Women in Industry Award, Watson Davis Award, Elfreda A. Chatman Research Award, ASIS&T Lecture Series Award, ALISE Research Methodology Best Paper Award, US Army Research Laboratory Scientific Contribution Award.

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